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Bridgewater’s KidStreet Playground: one of NJ’s best

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Located near the Bridgewater Municipal Complex and the Bridgewater Commons Mall, KidStreet Playground is a popular play date venue – and with good reason.

The playground is the brain child of a member of the Bridgewater community who felt that empty lots should be made more fun. This spawned an entire community movement of volunteers numbering around 2,500. Backed up by local government, they began to build KidStreet Playground in 1994.

An article on the top 10 NJ playgrounds in states that KidStreet’s owners constantly update the equipment to maintain the “cool” vibe.

Playground features

Step into KidStreet and you’ll find a world full of fun and play.The playground, composed mostly of large wooden structures, has play areas perfect for kids of all ages,from the under-fivestotweens. Many of the structures and equipment are made from discarded wood, plastic, and tires.

KidStreet occupies one acre and there’s so much to do here. The toddler set have their own area with a big sandbox, bucket swings, small jungle gym, spinner bowl, and climbing structure. There’s also a wooden car, train, plane, forts – all great for pretend play.

Kids five and up usually gravitate towards a big wooden climbing structure nearby, which includes bridges and slides, as well as to the two-story pirate ship and its long wide slide.

Bigger kids will enjoy the playground’s numerous climbing structures, tire swings, mini zip lines, slides, monkey bars, and more.

Right next to the playground is a large picnic area shaded by large trees where families can grab a bite. The area is also often a venue for birthday parties. There are also several picnic tables and vending machines right by the playground entrance where grown-ups can take a breather while the kids are busy at play.

Getting to the KidStreet Playground

The KidStreet Playground is located on 700 Garretson Road, Bridgewater, New Jersey. Take Route 202 or Interstate 287 and head to Garretson Road. The playground is right next to the Bridgewater Township Municipal Complex, which includes the Bridgewater police station. The Somerset Regional Animal Shelter is also close by.

Additional information and reminders

Food, drinks, or pets are not allowed inside the play area. If you need to go to the bathroom, there’s one right outside the park’s main entrance. However, during the winter season, only the portalets are available. Entrance to the playground and usage of the bathroom are both free of charge.

There’s also only one way in and one way out of the playground, making it easier for you to keep track of your kids while they’re running around and having fun.

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