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What to Do After Moving in to Your New Home

a family moving to a new place

Moving into your new home is both exciting and stressful. There’s plenty to do with so little time, and you might find yourself overwhelmed. Don’t make things more complicated as you start fresh. Here are some moving in tips to make everything manageable:

Change your locks

This should be foremost on your checklist – you’ll never know who has access to your new home with the present locks. Ensure the safety of your family by calling a locksmith and replacing the locks immediately. Most locksmiths charge around $50 to $100 plus the cost of the keys. Consider adding a deadbolt for better peace of mind.

Update your mailing address

While the USPS allows you to change your mailing address online, it’s best to anticipate that your mail could get mixed up in the first few months. Not all correspondence and mail may be forwarded to your new address. If you’re concerned about the security of your credit card and bank information, contact your provider and bank directly to change your mailing address.

Prepare a list of emergency numbers

Moving to a new area means a new list of the local police department, hospitals, fire departments, and other emergency numbers. Don’t forget to prepare this immediately so you know who to call any time you need to.

Secure the fort

Besides changing the locks, having a home security system is a wise choice. If your new home already has security equipment installed, call the company to activate it. Make sure to set up secure codes for you and your family.

Familiarize yourself with the home

Take a tour of the house the minute you arrive and inspect all the safety features.

  • Locate the main circuit breaker and water shut-off valve
  • Check if the fire and carbon monoxide detectors have batteries
  • Check if the furnace filter needs to be replaced
  • Change faulty light bulbs

Set-up internet connection

It’s best to have your internet and Wi-Fi already up and running weeks before moving day. You’ll have no control over how long installation takes. You’ll be needing a reliable internet connection, especially if you’re planning to automate and have smart home technology.

Check utilities and services

Another task to do well ahead of time is notifying utility companies in your new location to transfer gas, electrical, water, and other services to your name. Keep track of the utilities you had in your old home and sign up for services in your new area if you need to.

Know your neighbor

Don’t forget to say hello or strike up small talk with your new neighbors. Some might – hopefully – welcome you with goodies or a nice dish but others may be wary of seeming intrusive, so you just might have to make the first move. After settling down, drive around the neighborhood and know where stores, playgrounds, and parks are located.

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