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The perfect shot: Helpful tips to make your listing photos stand out

A woman taking a photo of a kitchen

With quite a few homes added to listing sites every day, you must do all you can to make your property stand out. One important way to do this is by paying extra attention to the photos you upload. Every detail counts, and while it may seem like extra work, homes with high quality photos sell over 30% faster than other listings.

Here are four helpful real estate photography tips to put you ahead in the market.

  1. Prepare the home before shooting
  2. Preparing your home for the shoot is the first step to taking great photos. Some things to do include:

    • Cleaning every room thoroughly, including mirrors and windows
    • Removing personalized items like family photos and memorabilia
    • Arranging the furniture to create a feeling of more space
    • Setting up props like a bouquet of flowers or a bowl of fruit to add life

    In addition, take a walk around the home to plan your shots in advance and take note of areas that can be tricky to shoot.

  3. Use the right camera
  4. Not all cameras are made equal. When photographing real estate, always use a high resolution camera that will give your pictures a professional quality.

    Experienced photographers recommend investing in a camera with a full-frame sensor instead of a cropped one. These larger sensors can take in more light, which is key to getting the right brightness.

    Consider a wide-angle lens too. They can help make even tight rooms look more spacious. If you’re willing to spend a little more, think about getting a tilt-shift lens. These lenses result in less distortion than their wide-angle counterparts, making for clearer, more natural looking photos.

  5. Let there be light
  6. Getting a good handle on lighting is critical to taking standout photos of your home.

    Working with the lights on is a safe option, as it makes the home feel warmer and more welcoming in photos. You might just have to adjust the temperature in editing the photos.

    Also, remember that natural light is always a good option, so let the light in by opening your blinds and windows. This can also make your photos look as realistic as possible, giving homebuyers an accurate preview of how it looks in person. Light from the sun can reveal beautiful details like the rich textures of wood or metal.

  7. Choose the right angles 
  8. While it is best to take shots from a variety of angles, you will want to think carefully about what works well for each area of the home. For example, taking shots from the corner of the living room will allow you to capture as much of the space as possible. But for photos of your home’s exterior, it would be better to take them from the front at a steady angle to get the full scope of its curb appeal.

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