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How to Sell a New Construction Home to Modern Buyers

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One of the decisions homebuyers often need to make is whether to purchase an older property or a new construction home. On one hand, older homes possess a level of style and elegance that is difficult to recreate. They are usually much larger and are located in established neighborhoods with easy access to schools, offices, and other essential places.

On the flipside, new construction homes offer plenty of benefits, too. They typically come with the latest furnishings and energy-efficient features, and are already built to code. They also require less maintenance, at least for the next five years. Depending on the size, location, and other factors, new homes may even cost less than older properties.

If you’re an investor who builds homes for sale, or a new homeowner who suddenly found the need to sell your property, you need to find the right way to market your home to today’s buyers and make it the more appealing choice over older homes.

Below are a few tips that can help you offload a new home fast:

Know Your Buyers

Today’s homebuyers have access to information that allows them to be more informed about the latest lifestyle and real estate trends. As such, you should expect prospective buyers to have a longer laundry list of essentials for their new home.

Have a good understanding of your prospective buyers’ typical needs and preferences. This will allow you to pitch your new construction home in a way that resonates with them. For instance, buyers today generally prefer the latest appliances, fixtures, and finishes that typically come with a new home. Highlight this aspect of your property to convince buyers it’s the right one for them.

Be transparent about the details and condition of the home

Easy access to information has also created a market full of cautious homebuyers. To win their favor, it is important to remain transparent about the property. You don’t want to oversell and under-deliver. The last thing you need is to raise a homebuyer’s expectation through misleading photos and descriptions, only to disappoint them when they come for a personal viewing.

Focus on “bang for your buck”

In many cases, new homes are smaller than older properties, but what they lack in size, they make up for with attractive pricing. Highlight the affordability of your property, along with the great value that buyers can get with the properties’ other desirable features.

Be easy to reach

The current global crisis has made the process of home buying more complicated. To maintain social distancing and avoid potential exposure to the virus, buyers can no longer schedule several viewings in one day. Most of them do their home shopping online and ask for in-person viewings only if they like what they see in listing photos and videos. As such, as a seller, it is important to remain accessible to your prospective buyers. Reply promptly to their messages so they’ll keep your property top of mind, and as much as possible, be accommodating with requests for home viewings.

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