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Home styling guide: Using industrial décor accents

Decorated room using industrial accents

If you think that a factory’s no-nonsense design specs are simply for function more than form, then think again. There is a certain allure to crisp lines, bare-bones chic, and exposed metal and brick that make industrial design elements popular among homeowners.

Here are some recommendations on how to elevate your living space’s overall look by bringing in industrial design accents into it:

Metallic materials

From the furniture to the lighting fixtures, nothing spells industrial more than metal. This particular element brings a certain personality to a bland-looking room. You can even play with various metallic hues for a more relaxed vibe. Try a combination of silver, gold, rose gold, or copper for your room accents. Get some inspiration from trendy and edgy steampunk-style décor like hanging gears, corrugated steel dividers, or basic wrought-iron legs on your dining room table and chairs.

Industrial design is also all about grit and sleek, not glam and glitzy. So, go for matte instead of high-shine metals.

Monochrome tones

Rooms in standard neutral hues set the perfect stage for industrial designs. The basic hues tend to be earthy but are not meant to evoke a feeling of the Great Outdoors, so expect your colors to be in black, brown, or gray. If you’re going for a more modern style, lighter colors in monochrome hues like cream or copper will do the trick. These said colors stand in sharp contrast with the metallic and gritty elements of your design, allowing the latter to stand out and get noticed.

Repurposed and natural

Once again, many of the materials involved in crafting an industrial design for your home could be organic in nature, complemented with distressed metals, reclaimed wood, and seemingly ordinary-looking concrete. However, the trick here is not to make it look like an extension of the outdoors but more like a chic factory setting.

Edgy combinations

Frills in candy colors and fluffy frou-frous will be quite difficult to integrate with an industrial design. Instead, you can match certain materials for an added dimension to your overall industrial style. Want to tone down the harsh lines of metal and concrete? Then you can try stone veneers or an accent wall made with red brick for a rustic and appealing look. To bring in a swath of freshness to your sleek modern industrial look, place some nice indoor plants. You can also give a pop of color to your minimalist wall by hanging a painting or two.

Exposed wires, nail heads, pipes

The great thing about the industrial design theme is that certain home elements which are usually concealed behind walls for being “eyesores” are transformed into interesting conversation pieces. Pipes can be repurposed into cool lighting installations. Recycled wooden slabs with grainy finishes can be turned into hardy and stylish shelves, especially when made with metal trim. The overall effect here is to be unapologetically exposed yet aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Basic lighting to complete the effect

You can’t go wrong with the most basic lighting fixtures to complete an industrial design. After all, the invention of the light bulb was what initiated the entire movement toward industrialization.

Set aside the elaborate crystal chandeliers and instead, light up your room with simple Edison bulbs or pendant lights hanging from metal rods. Wall sconces or lamps with metal bases or casings can provide stylish accent lighting.

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