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Helpful Tips to Sell a Home with Pets

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Everyone loves Bruno or Fifi – except the person who wants to purchase your house. Most buyers have and love their own pets, but signs of one in a home for sale can be a deal breaker.

Prospective buyers should find it easy to envision themselves living in your home. And they can only do that when the space is free from personal memorabilia, including your pets’, as well as unpleasant distractions like pet odors and pet hairs.

Follow our helpful tips for selling your home when you have pets in your household:

Get rid of evidence

As you clean out your home, make sure you hide and remove evidence of your pets. You don’t want your first impression to get ruined because you weren’t diligent in cleaning.

  • Store away litter boxes and worn-out dog toys
  • Make sure that crates, scratching posts, and beds are put away
  • Hide your pet’s food and water bowls in the pantry or under the kitchen sink
  • Vacuum, brush, and sweep pet dander

The nose knows

While we’re used to the smell of our home, a buyer can immediately pick up pet odor once they walk in. Avoid masking the smell with a scented candle or similar room fragrances as many buyers are turned-off by aromatic scents. They also can’t eliminate the smell completely.

Instead, use pet-specific products to deodorize your rooms. Spray on pillows, rugs, and fabrics where your pets usually hang out. If needed, hire a professional cleaning service who can completely get rid of any lingering odor.

Relocate your pet

If you have a scheduled showing, it’s best to keep your pet out of the house for the meantime. If you keep them in the backyard, they might make noises which could be distracting to the buyers. Ask a trusted relative or a reliable friend to look after them, or find a boarding kennel or pet hotel.

Fix pet damages

Scratched windows and doors, chewed-up curtains, and damaged furniture will definitely be off-putting for your buyers. Leave no stone unturned and inspect every nook and cranny of your property for damages that your pet might have caused. Don’t forget to have these fixed and repaired before showing your home. You may need to spend a little, but it will be well worth making a good first impression of your home.

Don’t forget to deep clean

Deep cleaning your home is an absolute must, pet owner or not. In preparing their home for sale, many homeowners tend to overlook floors and upholstery. Hire a cleaning service to ensure your home is spotless, or, perhaps, you can take it up as a DIY project.

Clean out the yard

Enhance your home’s curb appeal by sprucing up your yard. The yard will be the first thing a buyer will see, and if it’s not pleasing to the eyes, they might not want to check the inside of your house. Clean up messes such as buried dog bones, nibbled plants, or unattended waste.

If you’re selling your home in Bridgewater, NJ and are worried your beloved pet may cost you a sale, you can count on your Realtor to recommend the best solutions. With their years of experience, the Cindy Pagnotta Team knows what it takes to make your home appealing to the right buyers.

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