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Budget-Friendly Home Improvement Ideas

Home Renovation

The home has truly become one’s castle, especially at this time when COVID-19 is keeping us indoors. This new lifestyle has made home renovations a favorite activity in many households. Moreover, massive layoffs due to the pandemic are also making low-cost upgrades the call of the hour. One can spruce up a home without burning one’s pocket.

Even top-dollar homes for sale in lovely Somerset County townships like Warren – ranked as one of the top places to live in New Jersey by –  could use some of these low-cost upgrades to raise their value even more. This is how it’s done.

Repaint rooms

Repainting sections of the home is one of the most popular upgrades as this doesn’t cost much. Perk up that drab wall by painting it in a brilliant hue. You can even try using the 2021 Pantone colors of the year – Ultimate Gray and Bright Yellow – as a color theme.

For a low-cost paint job, use virgin white paint to cover unsightly wall stains. 

Add crown molding

Give corners a new and better look with crown moldings. Just make sure that these suit the room’s décor and style. Ornate crown molding, for instance, makes a modern family room look tacky.

Make sure the crown molding exactly fits the area where the wall meets the ceiling. Gaps will make the job look messy and could spell devaluation.

Crown molding should also contrast well with ceiling and wall colors to stand out. But don’t overdo it. Bedrooms and baths don’t need crown molding.

Install a budget-friendly stair runner

A stair runner can be a lifesaver when stairs get slippery and dangerous. People on the go, children, and senior adults will benefit most from this functional home item and prevent accidents. It also adds drama to an oft-ignored area and protects floors from damage. 

Stair runners come in various designs, colors, and textures. Pick one that complements the home décor. Remember also to measure before buying to make sure the stair runner will fit the space.

Go for a water-saving dishwasher 

Now that climate change is making water more precious than ever, this appliance upgrade will boost home value, help you save money, and do the environment well. 

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, an Energy Star-rated dishwasher will consume only 3 gallons of water per load. Newer models also have a warm water setting and can rinse off leftover food. Just make sure the dishwasher is fully loaded. 

Repaint the floor

Add character to an old floor by painting it with colors that match the wall. Choose from a myriad of exciting patterns from checkerboards to geometrics. Jazz up the patio floor by painting it with contrasting colors.

Rewire a vintage welcome lantern

Rustic lanterns with an Old-World feel lend character to entryways. They also don’t cost much. Rewire or screw on a new bulb to get a refurbished look. 

Add interior shutters

Install these on windows in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, and bathroom to protect from prying eyes, chilly wind, and searing heat. They also cut your electricity costs by promoting ventilation. They’re easy to clean and affordable. 

Jazz up kitchen cabinets 

Give your drab kitchen a low-cost makeover by giving cabinets a fresh coat of paint. You can also replace handles with metal ones to give your cabinets a classy touch.

Cindy Pagnotta and the Pagnotta Homes team have more budget-friendly upgrade ideas for your home this pandemic season. Reach out to them via phone at 908.436.7947 or email them at info(at)pagnottahomes(dotted)com.