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5 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

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In a world besieged by the modern threat of climate change, it pays to be on top of the situation and to go for safer, greener, and more economical strategies. And the best place to start making our planet a better place to live is in one’s own home.

Listed below are several ways to turn your home into a greener and more energy-efficient one:

Turn it off!

Electricity is the one thing that makes a home come alive and juices up household items and gadgets so that these can work efficiently. But if you keep electrically powered devices running unabated, you run the risk of paying obnoxiously high electric bills month after month. Thus, turn them off when not in use. This is especially true with lights, electric fans, microwaves, and many other gadgets/fixtures. If you plan to be out for an extended time, best to turn off your ref. Not only will you see a marked decrease in your electric bill but you will also avoid spending energy needlessly.

Replace standard bulbs with LED bulbs

Not only do these bulbs allow you to save on electricity costs but the white light they emit is less harsh on the eyes than your regular incandescent light bulb. Moreover, they last much longer so you don’t have to change bulbs as often as you usually do with a regular bulb. All these properties translate to hefty savings in the long run.

Smart thermostats give more comfort and savings

You can regulate and customize a smart thermostat’s settings to fit the prevailing temperatures at home. You can lower the energy usage during colder days and boost it up on warmer days. Once you get the right temperature adjustments, you’ll soon see huge savings in your electric bill.

Soak up the sunshine with solar panels

Solar power is just the kind of energy that every home should have as it uses the heat from our sun’s rays and transforms this into electricity. What’s even better is this type of energy will keep on giving for as long as there’s a sun, unlike fossil fuels that, one day, will be depleted.

Gone, too, are the days when clunky solar panels took up most of one’s roof. These solar energy absorbers now take the shape of smaller roofing shingles and slates that still do the job.

Use products with Energy Star ratings

Appliances that have been rated for their higher-than-usual energy efficiency are usually given an Energy StarⓇ sticker for proof of their special properties. These ratings have been mandated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and used by as many as 40% of Fortune 500 companies to give consumers better product choices.

When a certain product has been rated for energy efficiency, you can be assured of great electricity savings upon its continued use. The higher the efficiency rating, the more savings you earn.

An energy-efficient home may come at a relatively high cost but in the long run, you will see how smart this investment is. Your home will not only serve as your own contribution to the global push toward mitigating climate change but it will also bring you savings you never thought was possible.

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