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Signs it’s Time to Sell Your HouseAugust 30, 2020 No matter how sentimental you are about your home, there will come a time when you might have to put it on the market and move on to a new one. If you’ve been thinking about selling, here are signs it’s time to let go. You’ve outgrown your home Is your home starting to feel crowded? If you’ve just welcomed a new child, adopted pets, or invited your elderly parents to move in with you,… + read more
Kitchen Paint Colors to Update Your HomeAugust 20, 2020 Now that you’ve found the perfect home, you can finally start with all sorts of fun DIY projects – such as updating the kitchen. Here are some of the most popular color choices for the modern New Jersey kitchen. Black and white The classic black and white palette is more versatile than you think. Depending on your choice of pattern and finish, a B&W can exude elegance, timelessness, modernity, and edginess. You can take a… + read more
Got Kids? Things to Consider When Buying a HouseAugust 10, 2020 House hunting with kids? You’ll need to find a home that can accommodate your family’s changing needs. Here are a few tips for choosing a house when you have small children. Classes How’s the school district in your area? What’s the student to teacher ratio? How well do the students perform in math, science, and reading comprehension compared to the rest of the United States? Children must receive a strong foundation in education and choosing… + read more
Attract More Prospective Buyers with these Landscaping TipsJuly 30, 2020 A home buyer’s first impression of a home usually comes from its curb appeal. It entices buyers to gather more details about the home and view more of its photos if they’re searching for listings online. It sets the stage for a home viewing as soon as a prospective buyer sets foot on its driveway. If you’re about to put your home on the market, the best time to spruce up your curb appeal is… + read more
Planning to Buy a Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic? Here’s What You Need to Know.July 20, 2020 Over the past couple of months, home buyers and sellers throughout the country have been experiencing anxiety and uncertainty due to the COVID-19 outbreak. While the pandemic has certainly affected the real estate industry, there hasn’t been enough hard data available which can give an accurate picture of exactly how local markets have performed during this time. While demand for homes may have waned, according to the Federal National Mortgage Association’s recent Home Purchase Sentiment… + read more
Expert Tips on Buying a Home During the SummerJuly 10, 2020 Thinking about buying a home during the summer? Summertime is an excellent season for house hunting and exploring new neighborhoods, as the warmer weather is perfect for looking at homes. It’s also a great time for sellers to put their homes on the market since houses tend to show better during the summer, with exteriors enhanced by lush green lawns, trees full with leaves, and blooming flowers. Before you take the next step however, it’s… + read more
How to deal with wood rot on your outdoor deckJune 5, 2020 Having a deck is a great way of maximizing your outdoor living space. But since it’s exposed to the elements, a lot of things can happen to your outdoor deck. For instance— wood rot. When it sets in, it can compromise the structure, making it collapse eventually. Fortunately, there are several things you can do as soon as you notice the signs of wood rot creeping in. Early action will help you make your outdoor… + read more
Condo or townhouse: which is perfect for you?May 25, 2020 Are you buying a house and can’t choose between a condo and a townhouse? Plenty of other home buyers understand your plight. These are two outstanding types of residential real estate that bring a lot to the table depending on your needs and lifestyle. To help you choose which one is perfect for you, it is highly recommended you look at the most important aspects of condo and townhouse living, their similarities, and where they… + read more
Five reasons you should invest in a retirement homeMay 15, 2020 Whether retirement is still a long way to go or already knocking on your door, planning ahead is always a good step to take. If the idea of purchasing a retirement home is already something you’ve thought of, here are five great reasons that might compel you to just do it. The promise of ideal weather More often that not, people purchase retirement homes in places where there is plenty of sunshine. And if the… + read more
Major Perks of Living the Suburban LifestyleApril 30, 2020 Choosing a place to nest and grow a family is one of life’s most important decisions. With millennials growing older in the last few years, we’re seeing them lead the way back to the suburbs where they’re finding the perfect homes in which to start and raise a family. This resurgence of the demand for homes in the suburbs has been influencing development outside of cities. This renewed interest is spurred by tons of reasons, among… + read more