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Think like a buyer, improve your home’s curb appealSeptember 20, 2021 People say don’t judge a book by its cover but when it comes to selling your home, first impressions matter. From in-person visits to virtual home viewings, your home’s curb appeal can make a world of difference in getting - and keeping - buyer interest in your home. What is curb appeal? How attractive does your house look from across the street or when you drive by your backyard? This is what it means to… + read more
Should you renovate your home or sell it as-is?September 10, 2021 Beautiful homes complete with upgrades and a fresh new look are known to do well in the market. But before making that move to give your house a full makeover, see if you really need one by asking these questions: How quickly do you need to sell your house? Do you need to move out right away? Do you have the time and resources to make major improvements to your home? If you are moving… + read more
Important tips to remember when selling your home in 2021August 30, 2021 It’s 2021 and in the year before, people have bought and sold homes to answer a need or respond to a pandemic. You may have terminated the lease on your downtown dwelling to shelter in a place with more space. Or you may resume your plans to downsize now that your adult children who moved back home to ride out the pandemic have moved out again. Whatever the case, one thing should be done before… + read more
Why New Jersey is a good place for retirementAugust 20, 2021 At some point in our lives, we all start thinking about where and how we want to retire. It’s important to choose the right community to settle in as senior citizens because where you choose to live the next phase of your life will inform every aspect of your well-being, from indulging in your favorite activities to ensuring your safety and security to accessibility. There’s one place that answers all these needs, and it’s New… + read more
Investing in smart home features boosts resale valueAugust 10, 2021 When searching for a new home, buyers often come armed with a wish list detailing everything from location to price to their ideal community. But one of the things a lot of homeowners look for, especially in this day and age, are features that help make the house a more user-accessible and secure place – and that's smart technology. Having smart technology in your property increases its resale value since these features tend to attract… + read more
Celebrating 4th of July in the New NormalJuly 30, 2021 The COVID-19 pandemic stalled many celebrations last year – birthdays weddings, and national holidays such as the 4th of July. Now, with the rollout of vaccines across the country, President Joe Biden has said Americans may finally be able to mark its "independence" from the virus by July 4 . Since nothing is set out in stone, it's better to stay safe and plan for a socially distanced 4th of July celebration. Somerset County has… + read more
What to Do After Moving in to Your New HomeJuly 20, 2021 Moving into your new home is both exciting and stressful. There's plenty to do with so little time, and you might find yourself overwhelmed. Don't make things more complicated as you start fresh. Here are some moving in tips to make everything manageable: Change your locks This should be foremost on your checklist - you'll never know who has access to your new home with the present locks. Ensure the safety of your family by… + read more
Helpful Tips to Sell a Home with PetsJuly 10, 2021 Everyone loves Bruno or Fifi – except the person who wants to purchase your house. Most buyers have and love their own pets, but signs of one in a home for sale can be a deal breaker. Prospective buyers should find it easy to envision themselves living in your home. And they can only do that when the space is free from personal memorabilia, including your pets’, as well as unpleasant distractions like pet odors… + read more
Summer Renovation Ideas to Increase Home ValueJune 30, 2021 Summer is a great time of the year in New Jersey. Aside from outdoor barbecues and trips to the beach, the season is perfect for your most creative home renovation ideas. Regardless of your skill level, there is a summer home project for you. Below are several maintenance and home improvement DIY picks that you can do and bond over with the family. Spruce up your garden One of the best things about summer is… + read more
How to Sell a New Construction Home to Modern BuyersJune 20, 2021 One of the decisions homebuyers often need to make is whether to purchase an older property or a new construction home. On one hand, older homes possess a level of style and elegance that is difficult to recreate. They are usually much larger and are located in established neighborhoods with easy access to schools, offices, and other essential places. On the flipside, new construction homes offer plenty of benefits, too. They typically come with the… + read more