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Documents you should keep after closingJune 10, 2021 One of the most overwhelming aspects of closing on a home is the sheer volume of documents that need to be prepared, then filed and stored after - just in case. Especially for first-time home buyers, determining which files are crucial and should be kept can be confusing . While you shouldn’t store every single one, you don’t want to make the mistake of throwing away an important document that you might need down the… + read more
Tips for making that winning offer on a houseMay 30, 2021 Among the many steps of the home-buying process, making an offer on a house can be seen as one of the more critical stages that could make or break a deal. But with some creativity, a whole lot of research, and a wise and reliable real estate agent backing you up, you can make that winning offer that is sure to catch a home seller’s attention. Here’s how to do it. Do prep work on… + read more
Make a design statement with the right kitchen sinkMay 20, 2021 Purchasing a brand-new kitchen sink is an important home update that could boost your home’s value on top of giving your kitchen a whole new look and vibe. Plus, it adds to the efficiency of your kitchen space. Know how to pick the perfect kitchen sink with these tips. Consider the way you cook and clean Before heading out to buy a kitchen sink, first, consider the following: Kitchen size Counter space Frequency of cooking… + read more
Know the school districts of your next community before moving inMay 10, 2021 Most communities have their respective school districts that cater to residents’ scholastic requirements. Each school district has its respective strengths and special amenities, so it should matter to homebuyers with school-age children to know what these are before buying a new home. Here’s how to get started on your research into school districts and the schools under them. List down your school must-haves Start out your school-hunting by creating a list that enumerates priorities and… + read more
Virtual Tours Get the Job DoneApril 30, 2021 In these pandemic times, virtual house tours are the way to go if you intend to sell your home. Homebuyers can visit a house they fancy without venturing out and getting exposed to COVD-19. Not only does this real estate marketing concept give potential buyers a full view of the home and allow them to inspect every detail, nook, and cranny, but its interactive function lets them ask questions regarding the home and get answers… + read more
Important Questions To Ask Buyers After a House ShowingApril 20, 2021 Not all home sellers gather feedback from prospective buyers after a home showing. Getting buyer feedback is an important part in home selling, as it helps sellers identify areas of improvement. Here are several important questions to ask a home buyer after a showing: What do you think of the home? Perhaps the most important question is the most obvious one: “What do you think?” Some buyers will give their honest opinion, but some shy… + read more
Planning To Downsize for Retirement? Here Are Some Tips.April 10, 2021 Most retirees would rather live in their current residence instead of buying a new home. A recent report from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College shows that 53% of retirees opt to stay in the home they lived in when they were in their early 50s until the rest of their lives. Staying in a large home into retirement however, often becomes costly. Housing-related costs such as taxes, maintenance fees, utilities, and insurance… + read more
Sell your home safely during the pandemic with these helpful tipsMarch 30, 2021 Although the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine is currently underway throughout the country, we still need to follow safety measures designed to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. Because of the current health crisis, feeling somewhat apprehensive about putting a home on the market is understandable. But while it may seem like a challenge, it’s all a matter of adhering to the proper safety precautions and utilizing resources that are available. Here are several… + read more
Choosing the right buyer for your homeMarch 20, 2021 For sellers, there’s no better feeling than having multiple buyers interested in purchasing their home. It’s a sign that all the hard work, from decluttering, completing renovations, and creating a marketing strategy with your agent, has finally paid off. Now all that’s left is to sift through the offers you’ve received and choose the right one. But what are some of the most important things for you to consider? In this page, we offer a… + read more
How to keep your new construction home in tiptop shapeMarch 10, 2021 Most new construction homes offer unique advantages such as smart features, energy-efficient appliances, and other perks designed to give homeowners a highly convenient lifestyle. While moving into a brand new home is certainly exciting, being its very first owner sometimes makes it easy to forget maintenance duties required to keep your home in great shape. So once you’ve settled in, remember to add these essential tasks to your to-do list: Take note of your builder’s… + read more