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Popular house styles in New Jersey

Popular house styles in New Jersey

Choosing a style for your New Jersey home is likely the best part of the homebuying experience. But with so many options to choose from, you might also find this part just as nerve-wracking. After all, you want to make the right decision.

Homes in New Jersey generally balance modern and traditional aesthetics. To help you decide on a style that fits your taste and needs as a homeowner, we’ve zoned in on the following popular house styles in the Garden State.


If “simple and efficient” resonate with you, look no further than the Ranch style. These homes commonly have the living quarters all on the first floor, while some also feature finished basements. What’s great about Ranch homes is that they’re easily engineered to be expanded with additions. Overall, if you prefer your house to be fuss-free and easy to maintain, this may be the right style for you.


For those who gravitate towards homes, a cottage may be the perfect choice. These modest homes of English origin have always been a popular choice for homebuyers in the Garden State. They usually have wooden or stone facades and are known for their old-world charm. Opt for a cottage if you like modest-size houses with a distinct personality.

Queen Anne

Beautiful and romantic, Queen Anne homes in New Jersey date back to the late 19th century when its popularity peaked, so a lot of them are at least 140 years old. This means that while it provides you a unique style that features corner towers and deep porches, Queen Anne homes require regular care. You will likely need some help from handymen and other professionals. Consider this style if you don’t mind the upkeep in exchange for appeal and tradition.


Georgian architecture dates back to the early 18th century and is easy to recognize. There is no mistaking their symmetrical and box-like appearance, with attics featuring small or dormer windows. If you prefer a classic look and don’t mind spending additional time and money for maintenance, a Georgian home may be a good choice.

Greek Revival

If you have an affinity for Greek architecture (think “mini-Parthenon”), then the Greek Revival style is perfect for you. This style is easily recognizable through its entry porch and signature columns and pilasters. Greek Revival architecture came into height in the country in the middle 19th century. While some of the best samples are located in Flemington, Somerset County has its fair share of these homes.


For those that prefer a modern style, contemporary homes are a no brainer. Contemporary homes adapt to what’s new and trending. Currently, they leverage natural light through large windows and feature flat roofs. A definite plus is that they are spacious and often have two floors, perfect for those who like their homes light, bright and airy.

Need further advice on selecting a house style? Work with a local Realtor who knows the ins and outs of Somerset County and its communities. Contact our team at Pagnotta Homes by calling 908.436.7947 or by sending us email.

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